, Weekly Dev Update #1

Weekly Dev Update #1

Hey Team,
I’m going to start giving weekly updates on what the development team is up to. It can be hard for the community to see what we’re working on as we sometimes operate out of our own Loki forks, then merge back when things are ready to move into production. My hope is that these updates will shed light on the project’s development.

This weeks updates

Service Nodes

Android Mobile Wallet

Architecture Team

  • Continued work on White Paper Version 3, especially focusing on governance models and Swarm testing. You can join in on the governance discussion on discord here .
  • Began writing a paper to justify decisions to change the dynamic collateralisation equation and present a clear and defined economic case for the staking requirement.

We also have 4 active pull requests that add small functionalities to Monero, which is delivering on a promise we made a few months ago that we would upstream changes we found valuable.

There’s heaps more exciting stuff going that we can’t talk about just yet (mixnets, wink wink), but we’ll keep everyone updated as we progress.