, Weekly Dev Update #3

Weekly Dev Update #3

Hey Y’all,

Got a new weekly update, NOW WITH ADDED ANNOUNCEMENTS

Service Nodes

LLARP / Lokinet has been announced and you can read more about it here.

I will now be featuring it in my weekly updates.

If you’re lucky and join our Discord, you might also catch Jeff, the lead developer of LLARP live streaming as he codes: https://www.twitch.tv/uguu25519

  • Progress continues on LLARP / Lokinet:
    • Separated libllarp from daemon
    • Python scripts for creating a group of test nodes on the loopback interface
    • Improved the Distributed Hash Table (DHT) design
    • Started removal of timer system
    • Created pluggable path building architecture, including its first implementation
    • Run cryptography and db/disk functions in their respected threads
    • C++17 FileSystem polyfill for Apple’s LLVM 3.8ish compiler
    • Initiated work on unit tests using Google’s test framework https://github.com/google/googletest
  • Updated LLARP’s command line utility
    • Implemented import and export functions to interact with node database
    • Fixed bug, where newly generated router contacts weren’t given an encryption key
  • GitHub Pulse Stats for the last week (at the time of this writing): Excluding merges, 3 authors have pushed 30 commits to master and 30 commits to all branches. On master, 64 files have changed and there have been 2,398 additionsand 1,097 deletions.
  • All changes can be found at here

Architecture Team

  • White Paper V3 moves into its final edit stage.
  • The Economic White Paper is now complete- the handover process to an economist has began, and they will assess our assumptions as well as reinforce the paper with their own metrics.

We also got our first two officially merged pull requests to Monero here and hereand we still have 2 active pull requests that are waiting! This is something we hope to continue to do as we find features, bugs, and refactor elements of the Monero source.