, Weekly Dev Update #7

Weekly Dev Update #7

Hey Y’all,

Big week, big update!

Loki Baselayer

Service Nodes

LLARP / Lokinet

  • If you’re lucky and join our Discord, you might also catch Jeff or Ryan the developers of LLARP live streaming as they code: https://www.twitch.tv/uguu25519 https://www.twitch.tv/neuroscr
  • Progress continues on LibllarpUpdate protocol docs on dht and SNApps
  • Start implementing SNApps
  • Fix various code regressions
  • Refactored Libllarp-platform from Libllarp
  • Improvements to DHT to make testing the testnet easier
  • Multithreaded DNS library started
  • Working DNS client implementation
  • Working DNS server implementation and testing
  • Created hook for future handling of .loki address look ups
  • Llarpification and librarification of DNS client/server
  • GitHub Pulse Stats for the week: We think excluding merges, 2 authors have pushed 29 commits to master and 49 commits to all branches. On master, 277 files have changed and there have been 11,222 additions and 6,615 deletions.
  • Most changes can be found at https://github.com/loki-project/loki-network/commits/master
  • Current version: v0.0.1 https://github.com/loki-project/loki-network/releases/tag/v0.0.1

Architecture Team

  • We released a lot of content this week, including the economic proposal, which contained both the newly proposed emissions curve and the staking requirement. We also released a full game theoretical breakdown of the considerations we took into account regarding the staking requirement authored by Dr Brendan Markey Towler.
  • All papers we publish will now be located here https://loki.network/papers
  • We are still collecting feedback on the staking requirement
  • New work is beginning to focus on the operation and user experience of Lokinet, right now specifically focusing on Domain name schemes and human readable usernames.