, Weekly Dev Update #11

Weekly Dev Update #11

Testing, testing, testing! A Weekly Dev Update full of testing for y’all this week.
Service Nodes

LLARP / Lokinet
If you’re lucky and join our Discord, you might also catch Jeff or Ryan, the developers of LLARP, live streaming as they code: https://www.twitch.tv/uguu25519 , https://www.twitch.tv/neuroscr

  • Progress continues on Libllarp
    • Tuntap interfaces work
    • Multiplatform work (BSD, win32, gcc5)
    • CoDel improvements (requeue unprocessed items)
    • Update auto-gen config
    • Memory / IP helper utilities
    • Manual path rebuild
    • Make “Link Relay Commit” packet actually work
    • Make sessions hold paths between routers
    • Path refactor clean up
    • DHT queuing refactor
    • Additional unit tests
  • LokiBuilder updates
    • Submodule syncing
    • More public testnet RCs
    • Windows tun driver
    • Windows installer/uninstaller start
  • GitHub Pulse Stats for the last week: Excluding merges, 3 authors have pushed 55 commits to master and 55 commits to all branches. On master, 79 files have changed and there have been 2,101 additions and 764 deletions.
  • Most changes can be found at: https://github.com/loki-project/loki-network/commits/master
  • Current version: v0.0.3https://github.com/loki-project/loki-network/releases/tag/v0.0.3
  • Compile helper (include assets, initial seed routers and dependencies) https://github.com/loki-project/lokinet-builder

Architecture Team

  • Progress continues on exploration of Proof of Stake paper for Loki.
  • Will be re-releasing the economic paper as a archival document now that the proposal has been accepted by the community and it has been solidified in code.