, Weekly Dev Update #15

Weekly Dev Update #15

Hey Y’all,

Last week was our biggest release week so far- SERVICE NODES ARE NOW LIVE!

Service Nodes

Service nodes are now released! At time time of publishing this, there are 84 Service Nodes now running (https://lokiblocks.com/service_nodes) There have also been a number of pooled Service Nodes, and some even waiting for contributions.

LLARP / Lokinet

If you’re lucky and join our Discord, you might catch Jeff or Ryan, the developers of LLARP, live streaming as they code.

We want to give a special shout out to Despair, an open source contributor who has continued to update the porting Lokinet over to Windows (and improve BSD support).

  • We are looking for experienced sysadmins for running nodes that connect to our toynet. Please join the Discord room called Lokinet, and we can add you to the node operator role. You can host a hidden service or browse existing hidden services.
  • Progress continues on libllarp
    • Start MacOS tun support
    • Make linux tun code more feature complete
    • Made hidden service address to ip address mapping more stable
    • client/hidden services stabilisation (we were able to stream audio/video and post on websites)
    • Now config file location defaults to ~/.loki or you can specify the location to the config file
    • Several session, intro, introset, tuntap, DHT, and nodedb fixes
    • Correctly calculate TCP/IP checksums
    • Keepalive reimplementation and adjustments
    • Adjust path timeouts
    • Build fixes (Windows, Solaris, OpenBSD)
    • Logging juggling: removed some, added some
  • DNS library
    • Integrated hidden service mapping, so we can now resolve .loki addresses
    • Integrate DNS global IP tracker with tun endpoint code for better communication between systems
    • Use DNS to hint at what paths to prebuild
    • Adjusted timeout for linux
  • GitHub Pulse Stats for the last week: Excluding merges, 3 authors have pushed 102 commits to master and 102 commits to all branches. On master, 199 files have changed and there have been 13,454 additions and 7,454 deletions.
  • Most changes can be found at: https://github.com/loki-project/loki-network/
  • Current version: v0.2.2 https://github.com/loki-project/loki-network/releases/tag/v0.2.2
  • Compile helper (include assets, initial seed routers and dependencies) https://github.com/loki-project/lokinet-builder