, Weekly Dev Update #21

Weekly Dev Update #21

Hey Y’all,

Some bigger changes going in this week as we prepare for our next hardfork, the date of which should be announced soon so watch out for updates in the community channels!

Loki Core

LLARP / Lokinet

We welcome our new full-time Lokinet developer, Michael https://github.com/mt2309. He started by cleaning up our CMakefile – you will see more commits from him over the coming weeks

  • Progress continues on libllarp
    • Support older versions of rapidjson
    • Make jsonrpc server build optional
    • More event loop TCP support
    • Fix timers to use less energy for better laptop support
    • Establish a max ev write buffer
    • Static analysis clean up
    • Call DHT clean up timer
    • Flush kqueue on tick
    • Give HS look up 20s instead of 10s
    • FreeBSD build instruction
    • sh support for bootstrap
    • FreeBSD: add route, disable special tun behaviour
    • Man page updates
    • Modenise CMake build, now requires 3.7
    • Dtrace profiler start
    • Use event loop for time
    • Recuse Windows files from old builder repo
    • Added intel intrinsics for 32bit AVX
    • Clean up a lot of MSVC compiler support
    • Refactor Windows event loop and got it working correctly
  • DNS library
    • Static analysis fixes
    • MX and TXT record support
  • GitHub Pulse Stats for the last week: Excluding merges, 4 authors have pushed 57 commits to master and 58 commits to all branches. On master, 121 files have changed and there have been 17,151 additions and 993 deletions.
  • Most changes can be found at:
  • Current version: v0.3.0

Loki Messenger