, Weekly Dev Update #29

Weekly Dev Update #29

Hey Y’all,

The first day of 2018! Smaller dev update this week since most of us were on holidays for the last week celebrating Christmas.

LLARP / Lokinet

If you’re lucky and join our Discord, you might also catch Jeff or Ryan, the developers of LLARP, live streaming as they code: https://www.twitch.tv/uguu25519 , https://www.twitch.tv/neuroscr

We could really use your help. To be considered for inclusion in packaging distribution, we need people to star, watch and fork our Github repo. If you have a Github account, please consider helping us out.

  • Progress continues on libllarp:
    • Add graceful stop for path builders
    • Don’t build paths if shutting down
    • Check if we need more paths 30s into the future
    • Rate limit pathbuilding a bit
    • Reduce allocations in messaging parsing
    • Keep exit paths alive based on traffic
    • Don’t kill exits when they are active
    • Only removed parsed message if successful in parsing
  • Platform and packaging updates:
    • make lokinet-win32 installer safe to use for in-place upgrades
    • Older windows machines will need to restart for the IPv6 support
    • RPI options renamed NON_PC_TARGET
  • Clean up continues:
    • Fix hash in TransitHopInfo
  • GitHub Pulse Stats for the last week: Excluding merges, 5 authors have pushed 56 commits to master and 56 commits to all branches. On master, 367 files have changed and there have been 7,642 additions and 4,427 deletions.
  • Changes can be found at:
  • Current version: v0.3.1