, Weekly Dev Update #37

Weekly Dev Update #37

Hey Y’all,

Another Dev update for you to have a look at

Loki Core

The core team has begun streaming more, you can catch Doy-lee streaming here https://www.twitch.tv/doy_lee/



If you’re lucky and join our Discord, you might also catch Jeff or Ryan, the developers of LLARP, live streaming as they code: https://www.twitch.tv/uguu25519https://www.twitch.tv/neuroscr

  • Master branch changes
  • Staging branch changes (gets posted to master when stable)
    • Fix some undefined behaviors, attempt to tackle LLU compilation issue (PR317)
    • Fix windows build (PR323)
    • Unbreak DHT (PR330)
    • Fix convo-tag issue (PR331)
    • Address LLU issue again (PR332)
    • Fix conto-tag issue part 2 (PR333)
    • Swap intros should only swap intros (PR334)
    • Poki CI configs and more timeout fixes (PR335)
    • Address DNS recursive flag issue 324 (PR338)
    • Solidify interfaces (PR339)
    • Make it work (PR340)
    • Only check for active DHT nodes (PR342)
    • RecursiveRouterLookup Always reply (PR343)
    • Allow relay commit 10s more, start transit timer (PR344)
    • Don’t start transit timer (PR345)
    • Don’t close link on message handle fail (PR346)
    • Send UTP keepalives periodically (PR347)
  • PR suggested changes (coming to staging soon)


Loki Messenger