, Weekly Dev Update #53

Weekly Dev Update #53

Hey Y’all,

Last week we finally released the Loki iOS Wallet! Things went pretty smoothly – we only found a few bugs which were quickly fixed. Thanks everyone who participated in the Testflight.

This week will be busy as we approach testnet release for Loki Core and Loki Messenger on June 26. Loki Messenger is in the final stages of testing in office for both iOS and desktop clients, and we’re finishing up some final changes in Loki Core to catch some bugs present in Checkpointing.

Loki Core

Loki Launcher

The Loki Launcher is a node js package that will allow for the independent management of all the components required to run a full Service Node. This includes managing Lokinet, lokid and the Loki Storage Server. When Loki Service Nodes begin to route data and store messages for Lokinet and Loki Messenger, the Loki Launcher will need to be run on every single Service Node.

Right now the Launcher is in a testing phase, so you should only use it on testnet and stagenet – though feedback/issues and pull requests would be greatly appreciated!

What’s going on this week with Loki Launcher:

Several team members reviewed the Launcher and we incorporated their feedback with testing and fixes in preparation for the first release.


  • Eliminate more Loki Launcher potential paths from arguments
  • Continual CI tweaks
  • Turn down debugging
  • Add xz requirement (for Ubuntu 16.04)
  • Several output messages tweaks
  • Make mode input more accepting of input values
  • Deduplicate options to lokid
  • Make internal config aware of lokid non-interactive flag
  • Don’t let shutdown timers stack
  • Slow down shutdown timer in case of a lokid migration
  • Handle HTTP 403 error codes better
  • Introduce fix-perms and bw-test mode
  • Fix input arguments variable debugging
  • Add console/blockchain alias for client
  • Update help message to include all commands in the guide and config-view
  • Remove unnecessary versioning
  • Adjust download-binaries retry 10s with a 30s break in between instead of 3 retries 5s apart
  • Created modes/ directory
  • Make /opt if it doesn’t exist
  • Expose network backoff to make bandwidth test use way less memory
  • Make Prequal test not run in parallel
  • Add message to check-systemd if no lokid.service found
  • Fix launcher recovery mode
  • getPids now passes back an error message
  • If Launcher is running and not lokid, send a HUP signal to check on it
  • Rewrite pids.json on HUP
  • Fix Prequal diskspace test on disks with a more than 2 slashes
  • Include a Prequal failure message if it can’t parse your df output

Github Pulse: Excluding merges, 1 author has pushed 76 commits to master and 76 commits to all branches. On master, 23 files have changed and there have been 1,076 additions and 397 deletions.


If you’re on our Discord you might catch Jeff or Ryan, the developers of LLARP, live streaming as they code: https://www.twitch.tv/uguu25519, https://www.twitch.tv/neuroscr.

What’s going on this week with Lokinet:

Lokinet reliability is still our focus and we’ve been progressing on improving our opt-in metric collection. We have replaced a core part of our software with a third party software library which eliminates the need to audit our custom implementation for bugs. And we’ve made other minor tweaks to the system to improve reliability.


Pull Requests:

Loki Wallets

Loki iOS Wallet

This week we published our Loki iOS Wallet on the Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/loki-wallet/id1465686522

Loki Electron GUI Wallet

A new Loki Electron GUI Wallet release is coming up soon, which will include a number of quality-of-life changes and a Portuguese translation.

Loki Messenger Desktop

Storage Server

Messenger Mobile (iOS and Android)



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