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, Loki Messenger Update: Public Chat Release

Loki Messenger Update: Public Chat Release

We’re excited to announce the new Loki Messenger update! Here are some of the exciting new features:

Public Chat

We’ve built a public chat feature into Loki Messenger allowing for large-scale moderated community conversations.

Public chats are a bit different to group chats, and it’s important to understand the difference. 

Loki Public Chat will be a large-scale community chat, similar to our current Telegram community channel. It will be a place where supporters can come together and talk all things Loki.

Loki Group Chats will be more like a private chat, where people join by invite. Group chats aren’t included in this update — but they’re coming soon!

Loki Feeds

Introducing Loki Feeds! You can now stay up to date with the Loki Messenger Update Feed, which will notify you about new updates, and the Loki News Feed, which is a general announcements channel. 

Soon you’ll even be able to create your own content feed, which other users can subscribe to, receiving updates directly in Loki Messenger.

Adding Friends

Adding friends can be tricky when you have to share your public key, which is a long and difficult-to-read collection of numbers and letters, so we’ve added QR code scanning! Now you can add friends on Loki Messenger quickly and easily by scanning a QR code in the app!

Eventually, you’ll be able to add friends by searching a name they’ve chosen! With Loki Name Service (LNS), you’ll be able to map your public key to a name like @keejef — more details can be found here.

Shorter Seeds

The Loki Messenger recovery phrase will be shortened from 25 words down to 12 words, matching Bitcoin’s 128 bit security.  

In order to improve the onboarding experience for new Loki users, we have reduced the default number of seed words required for Loki Messenger. This feature will soon be added to Loki Wallet, too. This will make setup and recovery much quicker, though the option to continue using a 25 word seed will still be available to Loki users who prefer it.


Although we do extensive internal testing, we rely on the support of our community to help catch any bugs we’ve missed. Help us out by reporting any bugs you come across here.


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