Privacy. Security. Speed.
Transact anonymously in the blink of an eye.

What is Blink?

Blink is $LOKI’s new instant payments mechanism. We’re leveraging the Loki Service Node network to confirm transactions before they’re entered into the blockchain, while maintaining the privacy, anonymity, and security you expect from $LOKI. Blink is the first and only instant payment solution for a CryptoNote-based privacy coin.

How does Blink work?

Normal $LOKI transactions are sent to a pool of unconfirmed transactions (the mempool), where they sit until randomly selected for inclusion in a new block to be added to the blockchain ledger. This can take several minutes, and while this is fine for many transactions, sometimes people need transactions that are private, anonymous, and instant.
Enter Blink.

When a $LOKI Blink transaction is made, the transaction makes a few extra stops on the way to the mempool — but, paradoxically, those extra stops make the transaction effectively instant. Blink transactions look like this:

  1. Blink transaction is sent to two quorums (randomly-selected groups of 10 Loki Service Nodes)
  2. Quorums check transaction for legitimacy
  3. Malicious or invalid transactions (e.g. duplicates of a previous transaction, or an attempt to spend $LOKI which does not belong to the sender) are denied
  4. Valid transactions are confirmed by the quorums
  5. Sender and receiver see transaction confirmation
  6. Blink transaction is passed to mempool for inclusion in blockchain

What does Blink enable?

With Blink, $LOKI becomes the first cryptocurrency to offer secure, private, anonymous transactions in real-time. The possibilities are endless — limited only by your imagination. Powered by Blink, $LOKI presents a viable solution for privacy-conscious point-of-sale applications, and any other situation where users want security, privacy, and anonymity.