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Loki is About Freedom

We care about freedom. All Loki transactions and services are completely decentralised, private and untraceable. This enables Loki users to transact and communicate securely with peace of mind. In the spirit of freedom, Loki is also an open-source project.


Loki is run by a network of users all around the globe. There is no single point of failure should someone try to censor or take down the system. This creates a reliable platform that remains available for use no matter what the situation is.


Loki is built from Monero, and adopts a number of Monero's key privacy features including ring signatures, ring confidential transactions, and stealth addresses. Together these methods ensure your activity and personal information is kept away from prying eyes.


By default, Loki allows users to connect to one another while hiding any trail or trace of the connection. This provides users with the freedom and security to connect and communicate wherever they are, and whenever they want, without their data being captured.


Loki is an open-source project that anyone can contribute to. Using the combined knowledge of expert individuals from around the world who share a collective vision of freedom and security, Loki will be a powerful tool that will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the community.

Join us on GitHub

We regularly post updates to our GitHub. We are an open-source project, and encourage you to join us on our GitHub and our developer's Telegram channel if you have an interest in testing and developing this project. We are offering bounties for valuable work done, such as merging changes made in Monero, updating sources files and documentation to match the new project, or assisting us to build any of Loki's unique features. For a more in depth explanation on the project check out our white paper.