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Loki provides transparency with it’s development through having an open source development system and weekly developer updates about their progress.


Weekly Dev Update #14

Hey Y’all, Last update before mainnet Service Node launch! It’s getting close now, so make sure you’re ready for when we fork on September 20th at block 101250. Service Nodes Final Service Node release is out, it can be downloaded here. All exchanges, as well as most of the major pools, have now updated. Continue merging upstream …

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Weekly Dev Update #13

Hey Y’all, Another weekly Dev Update for you to peruse. Service Nodes Over the weekend we will draft the final binaries for Service Nodes; this will include a hard fork height of (101250) ~September 20th. Thus we will begin the mandatory upgrade period for all Service Nodes. Be on the lookout for posts in the …

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Weekly Dev Update #12

Hey Everyone, We keep chugging forward with testnet this week, Lokinet is developing some more user friendly features, and a couple of developers are in Europe traveling for conferences so we have a smaller dev update this week. Service Nodes Print_sr command is available for users to query the staking requirement at arbitrary heights. Several …

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Weekly Dev Update #11

Testing, testing, testing! A Weekly Dev Update full of testing for y’all this week.Service Nodes Fix consensus issues regarding deregistrations in the transaction pool causing chain splits. Prioritise deregistrations when selecting TX’s from the pool. Add print_sn_status convenience command to directly display the running service nodes’ current state on the network. @Kingsley contributed a fix …

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Weekly Dev Update #10

Hey everyone, Big week of testnet changes this week Service Nodes 0.3.3 Magic Mani tesnet beta, released Published the full Service Node staking guide for testnet here: Autostaking Interactive prompt for registration. Service Node list being stored in the Database and Service Node Integration into Testnet Explorer see Two essential consensus bugfixes in the way we do …

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Weekly Dev Update #9

Hey Y’all, Some big things on the horizon for Loki, and a new dev update so we keep the community in the loop! Service Nodes Updated wallet to support staking transactions where the unlock time does not apply to the change address. Extensive testing of Service Nodes has begun. Use of boost::round and other math …

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Weekly Dev Update #8

Hey Y’all, Another weekly dev update to keep everyone up to speed:Loki Base Layer Pull request submitted for Time Locked transactions to now be locked per output instead of the whole of the transaction: Testing still needs to be done. Enable storage of the Service Node list in the database, this will reduce time spent scanning …

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Weekly Dev Update #7

Hey Y’all, Big week, big update! Loki Baselayer We have released new Loki Daemons for all operating systems in anticipation for activation of the altered emissions curve. The new clients will fork at height 64324, approximately 31st of July UTC. You can read more about why this change is occuring here: Service Nodes Deregisters has …

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Weekly Dev Upate #6

Weekly dev update for Y’all, a little late this week since we were busy writing papers  Service Nodes Split up service node pubkey from service node address Service Node Deregister has progressed to the 3rd iteration which includes tightening down the registration protocol, fixing up loose-ends, integrating various endpoints together and approaching production level. LLARP …

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Weekly Dev Update #5

Hey Y’all, New week, new update! Service Nodes Set a threshold of required votes for deregister TX’s to be created to handle spamming of deregister TX’s using different vote combinations for the same service node. Service node lists are being integrated into the deregister system. There’s a new sheriff in town, Quorum Cop enforces pre-determined node behaviour …

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