Messenger Updates

Important updates and new for the Loki messenger client.

Loki Network is development the words first decentralized private messaging application that leverages onion routing and blockchain infrastructure.

Loki Messenger breaks new ground

Multi-device support is one of the most-requested features in modern messaging applications — people want to be able to chat seamlessly across all of their devices. Decentralised chat applications have struggled to implement this crucial feature, leaving their user experience lagging behind messengers that use central servers. The Loki Messenger team has been working on …

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Loki Messenger Update: Public Chat Release

We’re excited to announce the new Loki Messenger update! Here are some of the exciting new features: Public Chat We’ve built a public chat feature into Loki Messenger allowing for large-scale moderated community conversations. Public chats are a bit different to group chats, and it’s important to understand the difference.  Loki Public Chat will be …

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