Weekly Dev Update #60

Loki Developer Update #60

Hey Y’all, 

This week we finished up with the release of the Loki Messenger Android application. We also released the Loki Binance Bridge which was developed over the past few months and has now been open sourced on Github. Over the next few weeks we really want to focus on improving the user experience in Loki Messenger, and add lots of new and highly requested features like group messages, attachments etc… 

Loki Core


If you’re on our Discord you can catch Jeff, the lead developer of LLARP, live streaming as he codes at https://www.twitch.tv/uguu25519. He typically streams on Tuesday mornings, 9am – 12pm Eastern (US) time.

What’s going on this week with Lokinet: 

Lokinet is now feature frozen and in pre-release testing.  We’ve frozen the code to any new features and are testing it internally using various network environments.  The Lokinet team’s focus right now is to get the 0.5.0 release out and working; we’re putting off any major changes and improvements until a stable release is out the door.  This week has seen several fixes to minor issues found so far.

While we had intended for Lokinet to use IPv6 routing internally, testing revealed some problems with this approach (particularly in the non-Linux implementations), so we have deferred that change to a future release.  

Note: this isn’t a change to require IPv6 connectivity for Lokinet, but just for Lokinet virtual addresses to be IPv6 based.


New/Updated/Pending Pull Requests:

Loki Messenger Desktop 

Storage Server

Loki Binance Bridge 

This week we released the Loki Binance Bridge which facilitates swaps between Loki and B-Loki. You can test it out and get trading on the the Binance DEX right now by accessing https://lokibridge.com. Read about how it works on our blog: https://loki.network/2019/08/06/loki-now-on-binance-dex/.

Loki Messenger on Mobile (iOS and Android)

This week we also released the APK for Loki Messenger Android which means Loki Messenger is now available on all major platforms! We will be working hard to iron out bugs and improve the experience of using messenger over the coming months.



Loki Now on Binance DEX

Binance Dex Lists Loki

We’re extremely excited to announce that as of today (like, right now), Loki is listed on Binance DEX

That’s awesome! How’d you do it?

Glad you asked. To make it work, we’ve created B-Loki, a token on Binance Chain which is specifically engineered to provide a smooth and fast DEX experience where all trades are executed on Binance Chain. 

What’s the difference between Loki and B-Loki?

Good question. While we’re proud that Loki is fungible, private, and secure, B-Loki doesn’t maintain all of these properties. Rather, its main purpose is to allow trading on Binance DEX.

Cool. Can Loki be swapped for B-Loki?

Yes! Through the brand new Loki Bridge, which allows Loki to be exchanged for B-Loki (and vice versa) on Binance Chain. Functionally, the bridge lets you send Mainnet Loki coins and specify a specific Binance address where you will receive B-Loki. 

Okay. But is the Loki bridge secure?

Loki Bridge has been built with security in mind, and uses a mixture of best practice techniques to match the security of many of the top exchanges in the cryptocurrency world.

Phew. So how does the Loki to Binance bridge work?

Like an exchange, when you deposit Loki into Loki Bridge, you’re relying on that exchange to credit your account in order to trade on it. However in this case, as the bridge is crediting your B-Loki or Loki Wallet, you only have to trust the bridge with your funds while a swap is in progress. As soon as the bridge has finished swapping your coins, you have full control of them in your nominated wallet.

And it’s trustworthy?

We’ve sought legal advice on the creation and listing of B-Loki in order to make Loki Bridge as trustworthy as possible. After assessing the available options, the Loki Foundation has contracted the operation of Loki Bridge to a third party provider, Lunar8. JP from Lunar8 is one of our earliest investors and is a trusted member of the Loki community who has advised and supported us since Loki’s inception (in fact, before Loki was even called Loki), and currently runs several Service Nodes.

The Loki Foundation maintains full rights to audit the bridge at any time, and works with the service provider to ensure that the correct amount of B-Loki and Loki is being held on the bridge at any given time. The service provider may never use the Loki held on the bridge for any other purpose than usage on the bridge (except for fees), and must adhere to strict security policies set by the Loki team.

Great. How long does it take to swap Loki to B-Loki? And B-Loki to Loki?

On average, swapping Loki to B-Loki should take about an hour. This is how long it takes for 12 chain confirmations on the Loki blockchain, plus a processing period to confirm everything on the backend. This time may reduce after checkpointing is enforced on the Loki mainnet and has proven itself to be reliable.

Swapping B-Loki to Loki should be much faster and take about half an hour. Since Binance Chain has a low blocktime, it reaches finality very quickly. However, there will be some lag due to processing time on the backend of the bridge. 

It’s worth noting that not all processing happens automatically: the bridge operator can choose to investigate swaps as they happen to ensure that incoming and outgoing balances match. This may add additional processing time beyond the normal period – as much as 24 to 72 hours.  

Is Loki Bridge decentralised? 

No, however once you’ve crossed the bridge and have B-Loki or Loki, you have full control over your funds again with your own private keys. The only centralised part of the process is the swapping mechanism.

Hang on. Is this some grand plan for Loki to switch to Binance Chain?

Not at all. We’ve built Loki Bridge to allow users to access Loki from additional places (including Binance Chain), however Loki will continue running on it’s own mainnet – it is critical to keep the Service Node network functioning. 

We hope Loki’s listing on Binance DEX is music to your ears. It’s another step forward for us in offering the best experience for our users, providing another place to acquire Loki, and adding to our growing list of integrations and features on offer. Check out Loki Bridge here.

If anyone has trouble using Loki Bridge, please head to our Telegram or Discord for support.

How To Vote For Loki on Binance DEX

Hey Loki Gang!

You’ve probably heard the awesome news! We have successfully issued B-Loki token on Binance Chain and have submitted our listing proposal to Binance DEX! 

The next step is a voting process involving the Binance Chain validators. 

We need your help!  Aside from the Loki tech, the validators will also be looking at our community activity and engagement on the Binance proposal post — specifically, the number of upvotes, replies, and views. Show your support and enthusiasm for the Loki Project by engaging in the Binance community!

Help us out by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to https://community.binance.org/

Step 2: Log in or register if you do not have an account.

Step 3: Go to https://community.binance.org/topic/380/proposal-to-list-loki-loki-on-binance-dex

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the post and click the upvote button. 

Step 5: Reply to the thread to post a comment.

Loki Issues B-Loki Token on Binance Chain

The Loki team is thrilled to announce that we will be joining the Binance ecosystem by creating B-Loki token on the Binance Chain! The Binance Chain blockchain has been specifically engineered to provide a smooth and fast DEX experience for members of the Binance community through the decentralised exchange feature developed on top of Binance Chain. Receiving positive votes from all Binance DEX validators will allow users to trade Loki on the decentralised exchange and will provide an additional onramp for users wanting to get Mainnet Loki. Loki as it currently exists on the Loki Mainnet won’t change, and will always be our main focus.

We’ll also be supporting the creation of Loki-to-Binance ‘bridges’ which will allow for the deposit and withdrawal of Mainnet Loki in exchange for B-Loki on the Binance Chain. Users will be able to exchange their Loki for trading purposes and move it back to mainnet Loki when they want to stake or use other privacy features. We’ve reached out to some trusted long-term community members to run these bridges and are helping them develop a secure and reliable system for exchanging Mainnet Loki with B-Loki.

We’re also considering a plan to develop a system which would allow users to exchange their Loki between the chains without requiring a trusted intermediary like Binance.com or the Bridges. If this is implemented, Service Nodes would be able to maintain a working knowledge of the B-Loki token on the Binance Chain, and would be able to authorise the locking and unlocking of Loki, and the minting and burning of B-Loki on the Binance Chain in a decentralised way.

We’re super excited about our upcoming product launches later this year. The Loki Messenger alpha will be release on the mainnet in July, and we believe that this will mark the beginning of the next phase for the Loki Project. 

In our new efforts to start climbing the adoption curve for Loki’s products, we want to ensure that we are doing what we can to provide the best experience for the new users we expect to gain from this next phase. We hope that supporting the trading of Loki on the Binance Chain/Dex will add to the growing list of integrations and features that we can offer.