Loki Messenger

Loki Messenger breaks new ground

Multi-device support is one of the most-requested features in modern messaging applications — people want to be able to chat seamlessly across all of their devices. Decentralised chat applications have struggled to implement this crucial feature, leaving their user experience lagging behind messengers that use central servers. The Loki Messenger team has been working on …

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Weekly Dev Update #76

Hey Y’all, Last week the Loki Messenger team released the first revision of multi-device for public usage. For the rest of the week, we worked on upcoming features for improving the multi-device user experience. This includes adding QR code scanning for multi-device pairing, and also the ability to unpair devices. Both of these features will …

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Weekly Dev Update #72

Hey Y’all,  We’re powering along with updates on Loki core. Last week, the Trusty Tyr Hardfork enabled Service Node checkpointing. This week, we are beginning work on LNS, and have finished a Blink pull request  which has most of the changes needed to send and receive Blink transactions. Loki Messenger pushed out Voice Snippet messages, …

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