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Loki is a Privacy Project.

Privacy is having the agency to decide when you reveal personal information. It is a particularly valuable quality today, when the collection and storage of personal data is taking place at unprecedented levels in history.
Loki provides the means to transact and communicate privately and anonymously, using the decentralised nature of blockchain technology to create new methods of interacting with the internet.

Private Money

Using multiple forms of cryptography, third parties can't see the sender, recipient, or amount of any Loki transaction. Only you get to decide when you reveal your private transaction data.

Service Nodes

Loki is powered by a network of self-regulating Service Nodes, which are paid a part of the block reward to run. They route information privately through the network and help share the blockchain to users and other nodes.

Communicate Securely

Using the Service Nodes' off chain capabilities, Loki is a system that provides you with the ability to talk and browse with peace of mind.

Lokinet - A Blockchain Enforced Mixnet

The Loki cryptocurrency creates a network of Service Nodes who are paid to propagate the blockchain, process transactions, and route traffic and messages on Lokinet.

Lokinet is a new type of mixnet that uses market-based Sybil attack resistance and onion routing to create a new private tunnel to the internet. Users of Lokinet will be able to access normal websites and SNApps without revealing their IP address.

SNApps are traditional web applications that sit inside Lokinet. As the host’s IP is never revealed, this provides great protection for the development of censorship resistant social media, marketplaces, information sharing sites, and other apps that depend on user and server anonymity.


Node Rewards








Loki Messenger

Loki Messenger is one of the core Loki Services. Routed through Lokinet, and with messages temporarily stored on the Service Node network, Loki Messenger is a secure messaging service that protects your IP and message contents, while still maintaining for offline messaging functionality in a decentralised way. Empower yourself with unstoppable and impenetrable private communication.

The Team

Executive Team

Simon Harman

Project Lead

  • Founder of Loki
  • Foundation Board Member
  • Web Development & Project Management Background

Kee Jefferys

Tech Lead

  • Architect of Systems
  • Research & Development Lead
  • Information Security Background

Chris McCabe

Operations Lead

  • Day-to-Day Business Operations
  • HR, Finances & Adminstration
  • Digital Technology & Electrical Systems Background

Josh Jessop

Marketing Lead

  • Marketing Strategist
  • Creative Director
  • Video Production & Communications Background

Development Team

Jack M.

Developer (SN Team Lead)

  • Project Contributor
  • Former Facebook Engineer
  • Penetration Testing and AI Background

Doyle T.

Developer (SN Team)

  • Project Contributor
  • Blockchain Developer
  • C++ Game Engine Development Background


Developer (Lokinet Team Lead)

  • Project Contributor
  • Exotic Networking Engineer
  • i2p C++ Developer

Ryan Tharp

Developer (Lokinet Team)

  • Crossplatform Network Application Development
  • Consultancy Background
  • Communications, Simulation and Design


Developer (General)

  • Project Contributor
  • Former Embedded Software Engineer
  • Electronics and Software Engineering Background

Paul Kofmann

Developer (General)

  • Project Contributor
  • Android & Web Development
  • Software Entrepreneurship Background

Tom Winget

Developer (CN Team Lead)

  • Cryptonote Optimisation
  • Early Monero Contributor
  • Computer Science & Cryptography Background

Maxim S.

Developer (SN Team)

  • Project Contributor
  • PhD in Computer Science
  • Discrete Optimisations Background

Paul McLean

Technical Advisor

  • Project Contributor
  • Performance and Endurance Tester
  • Control Systems & Software Development Background

John 'Tux' Pacific

Cryptography Advisor

  • NuCypherContributor
  • Cryptography Engineer
  • Computer Science & Cryptography Background

Supported By


APR 2018

Mainnet Release

SEP 2018

Service Nodes Live

JAN/FEB 2019

Loki Messenger Release

MAR 2019

SNApp Open Source SDK

How can I find out more?

If you want to see the complete details of our project, check out the White Paper and Github, or join our community on Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Bitcoin Talk and Discord.