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Transact Privately

Privacy is having the agency to decide when you reveal personal information. Privacy is a particularly valuable quality today, when the collection and storage of personal data is commonplace by many third party entities.
Loki provides the means to transact privately and anonymously.
Your financial transactions are personal. Take control of your transaction data and empower yourself with the ability to reveal your personal information only when desired. This is the essence of privacy.

Complete Anonymity

Loki users are equal in their anonymity. Cryptography and encryption prevent your personal information from being gathered by third party entities during your transactions.

Account Balance Privacy

Just as you would close the curtains on your home at night, Loki allows you to 'close the curtains' on your account balance.

Peace of Mind

No one will be able to use your personal purchasing habits against you.

Unstoppable Communication

Loki Messenger uses the decentralised capabilities of blockchain technology and a layer of powerful service nodes to route information. This provides a high resistance to censorship and external attack. The encryption of the system keeps your information private. The software cannot be destroyed and, as a widely dispersed system, cannot be shut down.
Empower yourself with unstoppable and impenetrable private communication.


150 mil




Service Nodes




What are SNApps?

SNApps are applications built on top of the layer of incentivised service nodes. They are fully decentralised, uncensorable and completely resilient to attack. Because the service nodes are incentivised to always be running, once a SNApp is launched it is completely unstoppable as it will be anonymously hosted in countless areas around the globe. SNApps are the perfect implementation for any app that requires privacy and resilience.

The first SNApp will be a messaging service – Loki Messenger – with a focus on complete privacy and dependability. This is an exciting step in the field of private, decentralised applications.

The next SNApp is up to you.

The Team

Simon Harman

Project Lead

  • Founder of Loki
  • Blockchain Development Contributor
  • Web Development & Project Management Background

Kee Jefferys

Tech Lead

  • Architect of Systems
  • Cryptographer
  • Monero & Info Security Background

Chris McCabe

Operations Lead

  • Day-to-Day Business Operations
  • Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Advisor
  • Digital Technology & Electrical Systems Background

Tom Winget

Head Developer

  • Head of Development
  • Third Largest Monero Contributor
  • Computer Science & Cryptography Background

Josh Jessop

Marketing Lead

  • Marketing Strategist
  • Creative Director
  • Digital Media Producing & Communications Background

Paul McLean

Performance Engineer

  • Pragmatic Application Scientist
  • Performance and Endurance Tester
  • Control Systems & Software Development Background

Jack Murray


  • Project Contributor
  • Former Facebook Engineer
  • Penetration Testing and AI Background

Doyle Thai


  • Project Contributor
  • Junior Blockchain Developer
  • C++ Game Engine Development Background

The Advisors

JP Thor

  • CEO of CanYa
  • Director of MasterNode Ventures
  • Founding Partner at Consortium

Ismail Malik

  • CEO at BlockchainLab
  • Editor In Chief at ICO Crowd
  • Partner of Auxesis

Tom Graham

  • CEO at MapD
  • Co-Founder of CODEC
  • Managing Partner of TLDR Capital

Lasse Clausen

  • Angel Investor at 1kx
  • Advisor at
  • Advisor at FundRequest

Dorjee Sun

  • COO at Santiment
  • Director at HOME Group
  • Founder of Carbon Conservation

Taiyang Zhang

  • CEO of Republic Protocol
  • Founding Partner of Virgil Capital
  • Director of Neucode

James Waugh

  • Founder of
  • Blockchain Association of New Zealand
  • Tokenomics Advisor

Michael Bacina

  • Partner at Piper Alderman
  • Advisor at CanYa
  • Advisor at Invox Finance

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APR 2018

Mainnet Release

NOV 2018

Service Nodes Up

JAN/FEB 2019

Loki Messenger Release

MAR 2019

SNApp Open Source SDK

How can I find out more?

If you want to see the complete details of our project, check out the White Paper and Github, or join our community on Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Bitcoin Talk and Discord.

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