Trade and communicate with absolute freedom

Loki creates privacy tools that enable untraceable, secure transactions and anonymous communication.

Trade and communicate with absolute freedom

Loki creates privacy tools that enable untraceable, secure transactions and anonymous communication.



Loki is a privacy network which will allow users to transact and communicate privately over the internet, providing a suite of tools to help maintain the maximum amount of anonymity possible while browsing, transacting and communication online.

Using the decentralised nature of blockchain technology, Loki creates new private and secure methods of interacting with the internet, as well as building privacy-centric applications, such as messaging services, forums, online marketplaces, and social media platforms.

Why Loki?

Privacy Tools

Loki has a range of uses besides private transactions, which include untraceable internet browsing, anonymous communications and instant transaction confirmations.

Private Applications

Host a suite of private hidden web applications (SNApps) on Lokinet.

An incentivised network

A hybrid proof-of-work / proof-of-service system offers a unique way to financially incentivise the operation of full nodes. This means a faster, more private and attack resistant network.

Pssst. Over here!

Service Nodes

Service Nodes do the heavy lifting on the Loki network and get a significant financial reward for their efforts. With Service Nodes you can host services, run SNApps, and browse the Lokinet. Get paid to make the internet a more private place.


Lokinet is a unique, blockchain enforced and incentivized mixnet, where you can browse the internet anonymously visit and host private websites all without exposing your identity or IP address.

SNApps (Service Node Applications)

SNApps allow you to host hidden private web applications inside of Lokinet. With SNApps you can build censorship resistant social media platforms, news sites, marketplaces and other communities. The possibilities are endless.

Loki Messenger

Loki Messenger is a decentralised private messaging application for all platforms. Have peace of mind with anonymity and an unstoppable messaging app.


Consensus Algorithm

Proof Of Work / Proof Of Service


Low Latency Anonymous Routing Protocol


Service Node Applications

Reading Materials

The Loki Project releases papers and revisions on a regular basis. As the project has grown, many aspects of the project have been subject to revisions and updates, and as the project ventures into new fields, more research is done. The Loki Foundation mandates that resources are constantly directed at research so that the project teams and the community can be as up to date and as informed as possible.

Revision: 3
Date: 13th July, 2018
Authors: Jefferys, Harman, Ross, McClean

Description: General technical whitepaper. Discusses the high-level design of Loki, without delving into the economic structure.

Revision: 1
Date: 29th August, 2018
Authors: Harman, Ross, Jefferys

Description: Proposal for alterations to the cryptoeconomics of Loki. Discusses in-depth the economic structure of Loki in order to maintain a sustainable reward scheme for Service Nodes while maintaining market-based Sybil attack resistance.

Revision: 1
Date: 11th July, 2018
Authors: Towler

Description: Strategic Game Theory behind the economics of the Loki cryptocurrency with specific analysis directed towards a suitable staking requirement.



Simon Harman

Project Lead

Kee Jeffreys

Tech Lead

Chris McCabe

Operations Lead

Josh Jessop-Smith

Marketing Lead

Doyle T.




Ryan Tharp


Tom Winget


Maxim Shishmarev




Beaudan Campbell-Brown


Michael Thorpe


Mikunj Varsani


John 'Tux' Pacific

Technical Advisor