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Loki provides transparency with it’s development through having an open source development system and weekly developer updates about their progress.

Loki Weekly Dev Update #93 (Large numerals with background of assorted devices)

Weekly Dev Update #94

Hey Y’all,  Last week we continued our focus on fixing Session bugs affecting multi-device, push notifications and message sending. We made good progress on these fixes, and were able to identify identify several key areas where unreliability is coming from. Last week we also released new versions of Lokinet for Linux and Windows with a …

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Loki Weekly Dev Update #93 Numerals 9 3 on background of isometric assorted tech gizmos

Weekly Dev Update #93

Hey Y’all, Last week we released the 7.0.x Valiant Vidar binaries, which represent much of our work from the last three months. Valiant Vidar will add features like support for full onion routing in Session (instead of the current proxy requests system), sweeping Lokinet changes involving a complete rebuild of the DHT for increased reliability …

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Loki weekly Dev update #91

Weekly Dev Update #91

Hey Y’all,  This week we released a number of upgrades for Session, including several new features such as auto-updating for desktop and improved error reporting for Android. We also made good progress on tracking down multi-device edge cases. Lokinet 0.7.0 was tagged, with small fixes being found throughout the week. We also started upgrading a …

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Weekly Dev Update #89

Hey Y’all,  This week we continued to focus on collecting user feedback and bug reports, and integrating cross-platform fixes into the Session clients. The Lokinet team started to focus on some final issues found with path handovers, in the leadup to Lokinet 0.7.0. On the Loki Core side, we worked on additional LNS functionality, such …

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