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Loki focuses on educating their user base by providing information on their products as well as information on new technology advancements.

Lokinet: Understanding testnet vs. mainnet

We hope Lokinet will one day help revolutionise privacy and security online, but it’s currently still in beta. During the beta period, Lokinet and its SNApps — websites and applications that operate entirely over Lokinet — are running on the Lokinet ‘testnet’, rather than the ‘mainnet’. So what does that mean for Lokinet and its …

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Hefty Heimdall Changes for Service Node Operators

There are a number of new and changing rules being implemented in the Loki Hefty Heimdall hardfork, and Service Node operators should make sure they’re aware of the new requirements. The following changes will be implemented on July 24 at block height 321,467. Changing Rules: We have relaxed the Service Node deregistration rules in order …

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Loki Launcher

The Loki Launcher has just been released, and we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that all Service Nodes update. The Loki Launcher has a number of components which will improve the user experience for Service Node operators and reduce the chance of being deregistered. These include managing the Loki Storage Server, lokid, and in the future, Lokinet – …

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Infinite Staking Overview

Outline For Existing Service Node Participants and Operators¶ Infinite Staking is an incremental upgrade on the existing staking process that is currently available on the Loki network (currently active in Hardfork 10: Bulletproofs, introduced in Hardfork 9: Service Nodes). With Infinite Staking, Service Nodes do not expire and funds remain locked until a contributor or …

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What Are SNApps?

We wanted to write an article that provides a clearer explanation of what Loki SNApps are, how they work, and how you can get involved. So what are SNApps? The simplest way to describe it would be – SNApps are private websites or web services. That might not sound very impressive, but let’s consider what …

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