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Loki focuses on educating their user base by providing information on their products as well as information on new technology advancements.

Preventing Sybil Attacks: Runes, PoW, and CAPTCHAs

Put simply, Sybil attacks are where one person or entity creates multiple fake identities, usually to either subvert some part of a reputation system, or to effectively create large scale denial-of-service attacks. [1] Sybil attacks present problems to systems that maintain a low barrier of identification. With Loki’s focus on privacy and its P2P nature, methods are …

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Loki’s Exploration into the Mixnet Space We have been dropping lots of not-so-subtle hints that we have been working on a decentralised mixnet, and it’s finally time to reveal what we’ve been working on. This article, along with the soon-to-be-released white paper version 3 should get everyone up to speed on Lokinet. MIX WHAT? Mixnet …

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The Problem With ASICs

In the context of a cryptocurrency, an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) is a chip that is specifically designed to mine a certain cryptocurrency or a certain hashing algorithm. Recently, there have been a number of high profile ASIC miners released for cryptocurrencies previously believed to be ASIC resistant [1]. So what’s the problem with ASICs? …

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