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, Nimble Nerthus 6.0.0

Nimble Nerthus 6.0.0

Hey Everybody,

It’s that time again! We’re about to start the release of new Loki Core software. This will be one of our biggest releases so far, and will include two big features (Blink and Lokinet integration), as well as additional bug fixes and general improvements.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard about Blink, it allows for Loki transactions to be sent, received and confirmed instantly, without having to sacrifice any privacy.This is a first for the Cryptonote protocol, and represents a significant improvement for privacy coin usability. Check out our Blink demo here to get an idea of how fast Blink transactions can be. Spoiler alert: Pretty darn fast.

Loki integration means that we’re finally taking Lokinet to the mainnet! This means that instead of accessing .loki SNApps through the small ~30 router testnet, we will now be deploying Lokinet on over 900 routers geographically distributed over the world and run by YOU — the Loki community. We hope this integration encourages additional users to setup SNApps and explore the world of Lokinet.

Our schedule for the Nimble Nerthus hardfork is as follows:

, Nimble Nerthus 6.0.0

12/12/2019 – Release Testnet binaries for lokid, shortly after this the Lokinet 0.6.0 binaries will also be tagged and released.

26/12/2019 – Release Mainnet binaries and begin the start of the 2 week mandatory upgrade period. This will include the rollout of the Loki launcher and Loki Deb updates, which will allow users to easily setup Lokinet and upgrade lokid on their Service Nodes.

09/01/2020 – Mainnet hardfork day. Blink will be enabled and Lokinet clients will be switched to use the new network.

If you want to try the Loki Testnet during the 4 week testing period as a Service Node, you will need to run the full suite of Loki tools, including lokid, the Loki storage server, and Lokinet 0.6.0. We’ll release more information about this shortly.

Testnet binaries for lokid can be downloaded here, Lokinet binaries can be compiled and built here: