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  • In the context of a cryptocurrency, an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) is a chip that is specifically designed to mine a certain cryptocurrency or a certain hashing algorithm. Recently, there have been a number of high profile ASIC miners released for cryptocurrencies previously believed to be ASIC resistant [1]. So what’s the problem with ASICs? ASICs usually provide a significant advantage over graphics cards (GPUs) and CPU mining; so much so that once ASICs are released it is generally un-profitable to mine without one. This in itself it not entirely

  • The 2nd Layer solutions proposed by Loki allow users significant functionality that cannot be provided by a Monero fork alone. Namely, Loki will incentivise a group of nodes that perform specific networking tasks and will build the basis for a new type of mixnet. Mixnets that have the properties of Sybil attack resistance are highly resilient to large-scale network analysis. This protection is provided by market operations, which make it prohibitively expensive to own a large portion of nodes operating on the mixnet. Operating on top of this incentivised second layer will

  • Foreword We started Loki because we believed we had ideas that could improve the range of tools people use in their pursuit of privacy and safety online. Thankfully, it appears thousands of people see the potential in our ideas, and dozens of firms, funds and individuals have supported our project to date. With this support, I believe we can create a protocol that will help people across the globe keep their data safe. We have always intended to be as transparent and open as possible, and we wish to share the

  • There are a lot of community members who ask if Loki is trying to compete with Monero. At face value, it seems like an obvious assumption to make. However, our intention is to use Monero as a proven and solid basis to build an additional feature set that goes beyond anonymous payment systems. So long as Monero maintains its efforts to be the pinnacle of private transaction networks, it is unlikely that Loki will ever pose a ‘threat’ to the Monero project. Competition is a funny concept when it comes to