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Weekly Dev Update #42

Hey Y’all, Lots of changes happened last week! We hardforked to the new version of Loki 3.0.2 / 3.0.3 and we switched hashing algorithms to Cryptonight Turtle. With this came a few bugs and lots of fixes. We’re still fixing various issues this week, so follow our community channels to stay updated. Loki Core Fix …

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MLS and Federated Messaging

Note: This article was edited on Thu 27 Feb, 2020, to address our explanation of pairwise channels and the Sender Keys system as they pertain to encrypted group messaging. We apologise if our previous explanation of these systems caused confusion or uncertainty. Loki Messenger Group Messaging Over the last few years we have seen the …

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Weekly Dev Update #41

Hey Y’all, The past week has been intense, as a critical bug was discovered which required getting Service Node operators to immediately update. You can find a full report here: https://loki.network/2019/03/22/critical-bug-report-21st-march-2019/ Lots of work went into making Loki Core stable for the Service Node network in anticipation for the network update which is happening at block …

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