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checkpoiting, 5.1.0 Trusty Tyr Mandatory Upgrade

5.1.0 Trusty Tyr Mandatory Upgrade

Hey Everybody, 

Today marks the start of the mandatory upgrade period for the new Loki Core Trusty Tyr 5.1.0 release. Trusty Tyr adds a number of notable features to Loki Core, including: 

  • Fully enabled and enforced Service Node checkpointing 
  • Updated RPC Calls to reflect transaction checkpoint status
  • RandomXL stability updates
  • Extended Uptime credits to 48 hours from 24 hours 
  • Number of bug fixes for issues which caused Service Nodes to calculate incorrect winners for certain blocks
  • Increased uptime proof relaying robustness 
  • Fully Linear Staking requirement curve
  • “Export_transfers” is now available via RPC (see Lokidocs RPC documentation for more information).
  • Better integration with Loki Storage Server to enforce network reliability

We have set the hardfork height for block 385,824, ‬which is approximately 13 days away and should fall on  ~22nd of October 2019 UTC. 

If you’re running a Service Node, mining pool, or you’re full node operator, you will need to update to the new version of Loki Core to ensure that you stay on the correct chain. 

Non Service Node Operators 

For mining pools and (Non Service Node) full nodes, Loki binaries can be downloaded directly here: https://github.com/loki-project/loki/releases/tag/v5.1.0

Service Node Operators

Service Node operators running Loki Launcher should refer to this guide for updating: https://docs.loki.network/ServiceNodes/SNFullGuide/#updating-your-binaries

For those running Loki Service Nodes using the Debian releases, you can upgrade using this guide: https://docs.loki.network/ServiceNodes/DebianPackageGuide/#upgrading

As part of their update procedures, Service Node operators should also update their Loki Storage Server to the newly released Version 1.0.7. This should happen automatically if you follow the guides above. 



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