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, Loki Valiant Vidar 7.0.0 Hardfork Announcement

Loki Valiant Vidar 7.0.0 Hardfork Announcement

On approximately the 24th of March (at block height 496969), Loki will be performing a hardfork upgrade to add a number of new features and upgrades to the Loki software suite. This hardfork upgrade will include:

  • Loki Storage Server upgrades to enable full 3-hop onion routing for Session messages, replacing the current 1-hop proxy routing system. 
  • The Loki Name System, which will allow users to register mappings for unique and human-readable names.
  • A reduction in Blink fees, and making all Loki transactions Blink by default.
  • Loki block reward adjustment, changing the block reward percentages to allocate  66% of each block reward to Service Nodes, 24% to miners, and 10% to the Loki Foundation, and reducing the overall block reward from the current ~28 to a fixed 25 LOKI per block (refer to LRC-6 for the rationale behind this change). 
  • Internal upgrades to Service Node communications, swapping out RPC calls for a ZMQ interface. 
  • Lokinet 0.7.0, which resolves the stability issues present in previous Lokinet releases.

The Loki testnet will be performing a hardfork on approximately the 11th of March, giving developers and testers time to trial the next round of upgrades between the 11th and the 17th. Miners, full node operators, Service Nodes, and exchanges will all need to upgrade during the 1-week mandatory upgrade period, which is currently scheduled to start on the 17th of March, followed by the mainnet hardfork itself on the 24th of March at block height 496969.

, Loki Valiant Vidar 7.0.0 Hardfork Announcement

Upgrades to Loki wallets will be rolling out automatically on all platforms over the coming weeks to ensure that users are ready to transact post-fork.

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