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, How to register an LNS mapping

How to register an LNS mapping

At launch, LNS mapping registration is supported in the CLI wallet only. The following steps can be used to register and update LNS mappings in the CLI wallet. Note that you can access a detailed description of each command within the app, using “help <command_name>”.

Purchasing a Loki Name System record

Purchasing an LNS record in the CLI wallet uses the lns_buy_mapping command. All arguments for the lns_buy_mapping command are optional except for the <name> and <value> that the name maps to.

lns_buy_mapping [index=<N1>[,<N2>,…]] [<priority>] [owner=<value>] [backup_owner=<value>] <name> <value>

Example: Buy an LNS record that maps ‘KeeJef’ to a Session ID, 053 … 254. The wallet buying is the owner of the record.lns_buy_mapping KeeJef 053b6b764388cd6c4d38ae0b3e7492a8ecf0076e270c013bb5693d973045f45254
Example: Buy an LNS record that maps ‘KeeJef’ to a Session ID, 053 … 254. The wallet buying the mapping is the owner of the record, but specifies a backup owner who will also be authorised to update the record.lns_buy_mapping backup_owner=T6U7AaNgN2cARpR7CNHGChGMjsmjq5ffh4hLa4DjUUXtKS3bPy2rKTX614RxmpPPX6KjZzqUSSpAEcoghASTXqvP1qMsJzWch KeeJef 053b6b764388cd6c4d38ae0b3e7492a8ecf0076e270c013bb5693d973045f45254
Example: Buy an LNS record that maps ‘KeeJef’ to a Session ID, 053 … 254. You buy on behalf of another wallet T6UD8..ppir and specify another backup wallet.lns_buy_mapping owner=T6UD8TM1t7mUYmMCHXQ67Kg5jXBwoVxNqGpXctnsLXtGBEFnhq37RQAA8jgqgD9U6QbeNGqAkkVXucXQ5txE6Mrk2aRwpppir backup_owner=T6U7AaNgN2cARpR7CNHGChGMjsmjq5ffh4hLa4DjUUXtKS3bPy2rKTX614RxmpPPX6KjZzqUSSpAEcoghASTXqvP1qMsJzWch KeeJef 053b6b764388cd6c4d38ae0b3e7492a8ecf0076e270c013bb5693d973045f45254

Updating a Loki Name Service record: Wallet executing update is owner of record 

Updating an LNS record in the CLI wallet uses the lns_update_mapping command. All arguments for the lns_update_mapping command are optional except the name of the record to update, and at least one field of the record to update (owner, backup_owner, or value). The [signature] argument is for deferring updates to the record, and is explained in detail in the next section.

lns_update_mapping [owner=<value>] [backup_owner=<value>] [value=<lns_value>] [signature=<hex_signature>] <name>

Example: Updating the owner of the record (essentially transferring ownership — after changing ownership, you will no longer be authorised to update the record). 

lns_update_mapping owner=T6UC1nSy2289uX8R2jS3ci7y6eNnVdvhSQRoZtckPzmrQgJ3CyUhUtxgxuedusx9TCKVhZZBCuwFkKoJ3joXStWh1QozRsXXo KeeJef

Note: At this time you can only update Session ID mappings, you cannot yet add a wallet address mapping to your name — this will require additional changes which will be implemented at a later date.

Example: Update all fields of the mapping.

lns_update_mapping owner=T6UD8TM1t7mUYmMCHXQ67Kg5jXBwoVxNqGpXctnsLXtGBEFnhq37RQAA8jgqgD9U6QbeNGqAkkVXucXQ5txE6Mrk2aRwpppir backup_owner=T6TEJJRfvhMZbJpRuchJtmQAjuyCUAyYy2yVcc9ySxTHXWgwQkupjUJUQsyCoyYfRGReAY3pgaYxUHwoKEkWNh5o2qe5Btt3x value=0596d2fdc1407490e1bb7cbca3f3674606d3ef9b1d01cf46199ee5c8932d83f40a KeeJef

Updating a Loki Name Service Record: Wallet executing is not owner of record) 

In this scenario, you have a LNS record that you wish to update, and you’re able to coordinate with the wallet owning the record. The wallet that owns the record can execute this command to generate a signature.

lns_make_update_mapping_signature [owner=<value>] [backup_owner=<value>] [value=<lns_value>] <name>

Example: User transfers ownership of a record to another person T6TEJ…t3x with the value 058c…c08. The original owner generates a signature. lns_make_update_mapping_signature owner=T6TEJJRfvhMZbJpRuchJtmQAjuyCUAyYy2yVcc9ySxTHXWgwQkupjUJUQsyCoyYfRGReAY3pgaYxUHwoKEkWNh5o2qe5Btt3x value=058c72182ecf25172999414f098f91c07bcf12eae7e0c810659f533e81dc865c08 KeeJef

The generated signature:


On the wallet to execute, the arguments must match the arguments specified in the lns_make_update_mapping_signature with the added signature argument (bolded for emphasis).
lns_update_mapping owner=T6TEJJRfvhMZbJpRuchJtmQAjuyCUAyYy2yVcc9ySxTHXWgwQkupjUJUQsyCoyYfRGReAY3pgaYxUHwoKEkWNh5o2qe5Btt3x value=058c72182ecf25172999414f098f91c07bcf12eae7e0c810659f533e81dc865c08 signature=3ede65e0a78eca500549dde612d02d8aeb3f3dd0f3accd767a2f013cab6e3d486582506fbeb7edb1bda209b333fe7f125fd29f6add6c72b20af320de3537788885fee8b6d76f14b4ad253db2f70a518054bb6f512465e1b6cc154c551d3d59b5bf528eef5a678dbee48e2da74a2803c47295acd6967ea5545f6213456a0f5ead KeeJef

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