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Loki provides transparency with it’s development through having an open source development system and weekly developer updates about their progress.

Weekly Dev Update #72

Hey Y’all,  We’re powering along with updates on Loki core. Last week, the Trusty Tyr Hardfork enabled Service Node checkpointing. This week, we are beginning work on LNS, and have finished a Blink pull request  which has most of the changes needed to send and receive Blink transactions. Loki Messenger pushed out Voice Snippet messages, …

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Weekly Dev Update #67

Hey Y’all,  Last week we released a new LIP discussing ‘Pulse’: a proposed proof of stake protocol for Loki. You can read that here: We also continued to move towards the 5.0.0 release for Loki Core, which adds checkpointing and a number of other features. Keep your ear to the ground for the testnet …

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Weekly Dev Update #65

Hey Y’all,  This week was primarily focused on Loki Messenger user interface improvements, adding features like message replies in public chats and fixing up link previews. We also published the new Lokinet release, which is almost ready, pending a couple of minor UX improvements for first time users.  Loki Core Update soft forking rules to …

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