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Loki provides transparency with it’s development through having an open source development system and weekly developer updates about their progress.

Loki Network Development Update 58

Weekly Dev Update #58

Hey Y’all,  The Loki 4.0.0 hardfork is fast approaching! It’s happening in approximately 24 hours, so if you haven’t upgraded your Service Node, Miner or Mining Pool, now is your chance. If you don’t update in time, you will be left on an alternate chain and won’t be able to talk to the majority of …

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Weekly Dev Update #52

Hey Y’all, Today’s our 52nd Dev Update, which means we have been doing them for a year now !!!! This week a lot more work happened in Loki Core in preparation for some of the interactions that will need to happen between lokid and the Loki Storage Server. We also continued work on the Loki …

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Weekly Dev Update #51

Hey Y’all, This week we finished up with our Loki iOS wallet! We hope to have a release out this week, pending approval from the Apple Store. We also began work on a version of Loki Messenger that does not use Lokinet. This means we will be able to release it much sooner, and test …

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Weekly Dev Update #49

Hey Y’all, This week’s Dev Update will only be small since nearly the whole team has been travelling again, this time back to Australia from Consensus. Nevertheless, we have initiated a range of changes both in Lokinet and the Loki storage server Additionally, we’re happy to have Jason (Jagerman) now working full-time with the Loki …

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