Dev Update

Weekly Dev Update #81

Hey Y’all,  As with the last Dev Update, the majority of the Loki team is still enjoying their holidays over the Christmas and New Year break. Last week, most of our work went into the release of the new Nimble Nerthus Loki suites, which included new binaries for Lokinet, Loki Storage Server, and lokid. We’ll …

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Weekly Dev Update #80

Hey Y’all,  Last week and this coming week will be slower than normal since the majority of the team is taking Christmas holidays. The team that is still working is primarily fixing lokid bugs in anticipation of the upcoming the mandatory upgrade period — starting on the 26th and Loki messenger’s rebrand to make sure …

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Loki Weekly Dev Update #77 (Large numerals with background of assorted devices)

Weekly Dev Update #77

Hey Y’all, This week we did a lot more work on Loki Messenger focusing on multi-device and profile images, getting everything ready for a quality-of-life upgrade for this week. We also forked the Loki core testnet with the latest Lokinet release candidate and Blink, gearing up for a planned release at the end of the …

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Weekly Dev Update #72

Hey Y’all,  We’re powering along with updates on Loki core. Last week, the Trusty Tyr Hardfork enabled Service Node checkpointing. This week, we are beginning work on LNS, and have finished a Blink pull request  which has most of the changes needed to send and receive Blink transactions. Loki Messenger pushed out Voice Snippet messages, …

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