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, Loki Messenger Just Keeps Getting Better

Loki Messenger Just Keeps Getting Better

Have you downloaded the latest Loki Messenger update? v.1.2.0 has some awesome new features!

Chat Replies

When chat’s flowing, it’s easy for several messages to fire at you all at once. Replying to a message at the top of a thread (with a bunch of messages below it) works…but it’s messy. Here at Loki, we appreciate tidiness, so we’ve added the ability to reply directly to specific messages. Just long press on a message then tap ‘Reply to This Message’.

Link Previews

We know some of you can be suspicious of website links. We get it. Who knows what mystery location that string of characters will lead to? Now with Link Previews, you can see where you’re headed before departing. It’s kind of like opening a portal to another world…which evidently, our developers are also working on (not really).

Conversation Search

So a while ago there was talk of a great new Korean restaurant, but you couldn’t go at the time…and now you have a major craving for kimchi?! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to search ‘Korean’ in that conversation and go back and find that restaurant? Of course it would! Which is why we’ve brought you Conversation Search. Just tap ‘Contact Info’ and ‘Search Conversation’ then type in your search…and wham! There’s lunch. 

Moderator Tags

Lorde sang “we’ll never be royals”, but our Public Chat moderators kind of are… because they now have royal Moderator Tags! When you see a profile picture with a crown tag (👑) next to it, you’ll know that contact’s a chat moderator (and to bow or curtsy in accordance, of course). 

To try out all these new features, download Loki Messenger v.1.2.0 by clicking on this (not so mysterious) link: https://loki.network/getstarted

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