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, New Ways to Connect with Loki Messenger

New Ways to Connect with Loki Messenger

Did you hear the news? Loki Messenger v.1.3.0 is now available on all platforms across mobile and desktop. Here are some great reasons to get chatting on it.

Pics, Vids and GIFs

Got a funny video to share? A photo you’re dying to post? Or a GIF that perfectly expresses your innermost feelings? Loki Messenger’s got you covered. Now you can send all these files up to 10MB in size. Just tap that handy + button.

Chat Mentions

Calling all attention seekers! Forget about driving a red sports car, walking around with a boombox on your shoulder, or throwing a tantrum in a shopping mall… The best way to get someone’s attention is with an @mention. Simply type @, followed by the name of a contact, in your message. It’s a great way to cut through the noise in Loki Public Chat. (or, if you want to avoid the noise all together, you can opt out of it now too).

Performance and UI improvements

We know – under the hood improvements aren’t always as exciting as flashy new features. But every bump in performance, every improvement in the user interface, and every bug squished, leads to a better overall Loki Messenger experience. “It’s the little things that count…”

To try out these new features, download Loki Messenger v.1.3.0 here: https://loki.network/getstarted

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