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Nimble Nerthus 6.0.0

Hey Everybody, It’s that time again! We’re about to start the release of new Loki Core software. This will be one of our biggest releases so far, and will include two big features (Blink and Lokinet integration), as well as additional bug fixes and general improvements. For those of you who haven’t yet heard about …

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Loki Network Development Update 58

Weekly Dev Update #58

Hey Y’all,  The Loki 4.0.0 hardfork is fast approaching! It’s happening in approximately 24 hours, so if you haven’t upgraded your Service Node, Miner or Mining Pool, now is your chance. If you don’t update in time, you will be left on an alternate chain and won’t be able to talk to the majority of …

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Hefty Heimdall Changes for Service Node Operators

There are a number of new and changing rules being implemented in the Loki Hefty Heimdall hardfork, and Service Node operators should make sure they’re aware of the new requirements. The following changes will be implemented on July 24 at block height 321,467. Changing Rules: We have relaxed the Service Node deregistration rules in order …

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Hefty Heimdall 4.0.0

Loki Messenger alpha and Checkpointing! Today we are announcing the release of our next Loki hardfork, Hefty Heimdall. This hardfork will include a number of updates for both Loki Messenger and Loki Core, including: Service Node Checkpointing Loki Storage Server (Stores Loki Messenger messages on Service Nodes) Internode testing (Blockchain and message storage) Loki Messenger …

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